Thursday, May 7, 2015


Life is too short to spend time on styling our hair. I've to admit, when it comes to hair, guys usually take hours to styling our hair (or it’s probably just me). I've this kind of hair which makes me look like a homeless whenever I don’t put some hair gels or sprays. I know a lot of guys out there struggle the same battle so that’s why I would like to suggest this cool accessory that surely looks suitable for all guys called beanie.

Beanies are seen to be one of the most popular accessories guys nowadays often use. Sometimes it’s much easier to wear a beanie compared to styling our hair. Beanies can definitely be a fashion trick guys can use to either cover our messy hair or to perk up our outfits. Why not go easy once in a while and opt for beanies instead. As people said different people different style, you can wear beanie with any style you want but here are three beanie styles that you can rock with.

1. Standard Beanie

The standard beanie look is the most common style worn by guys as by just throwing it on top of your head, you are set to go. The way to wear a standard beanie is to cover your eyes and all your hair without being seen. However, do take note that this style may be easy but hard for every guy to pull off.

2. David Beckham

The David Beckham style or commonly known as the low top is a trendy look you could flaunt. By wearing it far back and letting some hair tuft out at the front part, you will have that too cool for school look which will absolutely bring your masculine macho character to the top. This is really my favorite.

3. The High Top

Before I mentioned the trendy low top, you can also make a high top look with the beanie hats as well. Make your beanie hat stand out and puff it up on top of your head with a little hair peeking out. For making the beanie hat look balance and stable as you move about, keep it vertical and well-rounded for the rest of the day. Rest the beanie hat above your ears and walk with confidence anywhere you go.

For those guys who interested to get a few beanie hats into your fashion collection at home, check out ZALORA as they offer a wide range of beanie hats for men online from various well-known brands and I’m definitely going to buy some.


  1. kena pada muka, okey lah kot. ada certain bentuk muka tak nampak okey pakai beanie.
    just my humble opinion lah =)

    1. For a closer example is me. I don't look good pakai beanie. Sob

    2. yes betul. bentuk muka one of the factors jugak. tapi as long as ada high confidence, tadahal :)

    3. pojie you always look great wearing apa-apa pun. hmm

  2. Saya sudah follow blog ini, follow blog saya juga ya :)