Saturday, January 13, 2018

So Fresh yet not So Fresh

Nothing can beat the feeling of reading old posts and having the thought of wanting to write again. Trust me I’ve been wanting to start writing again since years ago but I’ve to keep my hands on my work as degree life is just so much busier than I thought. I’ve so many commitments that sometimes I forgot to let myself having a cup of coffee and just enjoy life.

On the other hand, I still pay a visit to my favourite bloggers’ sites despite all the due dates, dramas, foul-ups and of course my 24/7 beautiful naps.

To start this fresh 2018, what can I say is I, am still being me. Still working my ass in my studies, still hoping the best in everything I do, still wanting to get out of my comfort zone, still making people I love happy, still being that friend who makes lame jokes, still left my hand dry for a long time after having my meal, still awkward with almost everyone, still overthink about things I shouldn’t and still being here, writing and sharing whatever I could—so nobody feels like they’re alone in this world, carrying big burden on their shoulder, struggling and surviving.

2017 left me with an endless profusion of crises and consequences which then I acknowledged, every cloud has a silver lining. I think I can safely use ‘optimistic’ to describe what I’ve become now. Frankly, I now tend to have positive mind-set which often yields positive outcome (well at least most of them haha). I know being over-confident kills but self-confidence deserved to be nurtured in every one of us. I’ve been surrounded with people who have guts as high as Mount Everest to take risk and challenge in any decision they made.

                                          “If you never try, you'll never know.”

I know the quote may seem like an old chestnut let alone when it’s been the simplest yet a piece-of-cake advice ones can give but if you could take a deep dive into its meaning, it certainly can change someone’s world. Nobody wants to just stay in their own zone without taking any step further, cause it’s better to take a baby step than nothing.

That’s why I hope 2017 would at least be a stepping stone for all of us to achieve whatever goals we’ve set for this year, as I believe we all have learned something from the previous year, directly or vice versa.


  1. Hi Husni, it's me Ari :)
    All the best in your studies !

  2. Glad that you're back in blogging lyfe bruh!

  3. what doesnt kill you make you stronger. All the best for 2018 !

    1. love that! thank you.
      wish you have a great year too this year.