Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I always believe in the power of respect to other people’s interests. For me, everyone was born with their own passion. It doesn’t matter what’s your gender, how old are you or where you come from, we’re all have at least one thing that attract us to explore. However, having that unordinary interest seemingly looks like a bad idea here in Malaysia. We’ve been exposed to the stereotype of guys ostensibly more to football, army, video games, or anything that looks rough from the outside while girls towards cooking (or every single thing that related to the kitchen literally). It’s 2015 now and I feel sorry for those people who still live in this kind of mentality. Grow up.

Being one of those guys who do not have common interests like what the other guys often do sometimes made me think that I’m the weirdest among the weirdest but I resort to not give a damn and just survive. Well you only live once right, so why must you put a lot of efforts into something you don’t keen. I believe by taking serious on your interest or talent may give you big impact to your life especially on your future. My hat's off to some Malaysian men whose their names have surged ahead of the market through their impressive and prodigious talents.

Hatta Dolmat

Hatta Dolmat kicked off his career by creating clothes customised for some of our Malaysian celebrities via the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian competition in 2005. That was the first step that he took before founding his own company

By knowing he started off as a small business to become a household name really impressed me. Swear to god that must take a lot of effort and hard work. I was giving more attention to his designs when he started taking the role to be the fashion designer for my favourite, Yuna, for most events she involved. And she undeniably looks stunning in Hatta’s designs.

What can I say, he has his own style and fashion sense which he expressed his interpretations of fashion through his designs.

 Ridduan Ismail

Some of you might get curious of who Ridduan Ismail is but I bet you know who is TTFGA (Tukang Tangkap Foto Gembira Anda) or at least used to hear it somewhere. Ridduan Ismail is a go-to photographer for street style. He has the ability to turn out any object in this world into something beautiful in the form of a photo. Metaphor.

There was also that time he shot Dato Sheila Majid and Bront Palarae, all this while he was still studying. Just wow. His talent is a combination of photography and fashion. By looking at his outfits, there’s no doubt he’s into fashion as well.

You can check out his tumblr page, STYLE SELECTA by TTFGA to see his masterpiece.

I’m actually have some more to list down but allow me to just share these top two (for me) this time. The point is it’s not something peculiar for men to get involved with something uncommon for men and vice versa as long as it’s not go beyond the religion and humanism aspects. Never mock or make fun of someone’s interest. We all have distinctive traits, so do our interests. People might laugh at your effort in the beginning but surely you’ll choose to laugh back at them or not at the end. Good luck.

(photos are from their instagram and tumblr)


  1. You are so cool man! I meant it! *applause
    Came to visit you back hhee =D

  2. Setiap manusia ada kelebihan masing-masing. :)

    1. betul :) respect is all what we need.

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    1. thank you so much :) i just share what i think i need to share.