Friday, January 9, 2015


Whenever New Year approaches, I always had that moment where I will sitting alone and think how time flies. The memories throughout the year will occupy in my mind and randomly draw a smile on my face. There are a lot of good memories I made with a bunch of people who always make me happy and keep their patience high towards me and also stay beside me no matter what. Thank you so much.

2014 is not a year for me. I’ve been through ups and downs a lot which realized me how strong I am for not relying on someone.

The hardship on studies just to get a title of a graduate is really driving me crazy. I’ve no idea how people manage to further their studies on the highest level can endure the pain of studying. But I know you got nothing if you keep complaining and hoping for the gold to emerge from where you step. You better move your ass and start struggling for the sake of your future.

2014 is a year where I made a lot of friends. Thinking back on how I be friend with some people sometimes really doesn’t make sense. From the real-world friends to the social site friends. As I made a lot of friends last year I’m also lost some friends. Well people come and go. I just hate the idea of people only looking for you when they need something from you plus whenever they bored like you’re a just a freaking entertainment to them.

I have such a strong support system; my beautiful family, my one and only bff, my annoying friends and even my sleepyhead cats always lighten up my day. To be honest I’m glad I have these people in my life and I’m appreciating a lot for creating good memories with me. I just hope this 2015 can bring more happiness to us inside and outside and always under His care.

Everyone surely make their own resolutions every New Year. My resolution is always the same since I don’t think I can fully achieve it until forever. I want to be a better human being. This includes being a better son, better brother, better friend, better student, better Muslim and better person to everyone I know.

I promise to myself I’ll be much better than me last year. Hopefully.

Happy New Year.


  1. Replies
    1. happy new year too one of my favorite people :D

      let's rock 2015!

  2. long time no see DER...
    jumpa sem 5 nnt..hang dah berjanggut maybe..haha

  3. Happy new year! InshaAllah ur resolution will come true one fine of luck 4 2015..

    1. happy new year too! thank you. let's hope the best for 2015.

  4. long time no see tirah. rindu gila! rindu nak cari pasal haha. see you this april!

  5. yeah !! aq pn rindu gila dengan hampa semua..rindu nk bekelai...hahaha..x lama dah..dua bulan lebih ja patient sikit der..