Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I’m pretty sure we’re all once felt so insecure and had low self-esteem with the way we look or size of our body. I was born with typical Asian look with skinny body and tall height (but still not too tall). My mom was from Penang so I’ve got that gene which makes my eyebrows game so strong (I swear I laugh out loud while typing this).

As a guy I admit I used to feel so insecure with this skinny body. My friends mostly have that kind of body which make them look like someone’s daddy or a bodybuilder and there’s me, who looks like a drug addict (just joking no I’m not).

It’s not like I don’t eat much or I’m on diet. If you know the real me you will know I’m the satan when it comes to food. At first it worried me a bit when I’m always starving all the time like am I a monster or what but then I realized there are lots of people out there who share the same problem with me so yeah it’s normal.

“I eat a lot but still stay skinny” is my cliché answer for anything related to my body. “Just shut up if you don’t have anything nice to ask” is the real answer in my head.

Being skinny is not a license for some people to make fun of us. Our mentality has been set since we were kids that you can’t call fat people ‘fat’ (different story for Fat Amy) but no one teaches that mocking skinny people ‘skinny’ is just same as mocking fat people ‘fat’. Just thank god i don’t care anything people said about me. My “I don’t give a fuck” game strong af.

The point is nobody’s perfect. Just because you’re flawless or you think you’re flawless doesn’t give the right for you to point out other people’s flaw. What comes around goes around. Maybe it’s not hitting you but it’s probably hitting your child. Who knows. Let’s just focus on our life as we’re only live once so the important thing is stay fit and healthy.