Saturday, January 13, 2018

So Fresh yet not So Fresh

Nothing can beat the feeling of reading old posts and having the thought of wanting to write again. Trust me I’ve been wanting to start writing again since years ago but I’ve to keep my hands on my work as degree life is just so much busier than I thought. I’ve so many commitments that sometimes I forgot to let myself having a cup of coffee and just enjoy life.

On the other hand, I still pay a visit to my favourite bloggers’ sites despite all the due dates, dramas, foul-ups and of course my 24/7 beautiful naps.

To start this fresh 2018, what can I say is I, am still being me. Still working my ass in my studies, still hoping the best in everything I do, still wanting to get out of my comfort zone, still making people I love happy, still being that friend who makes lame jokes, still left my hand dry for a long time after having my meal, still awkward with almost everyone, still overthink about things I shouldn’t and still being here, writing and sharing whatever I could—so nobody feels like they’re alone in this world, carrying big burden on their shoulder, struggling and surviving.

2017 left me with an endless profusion of crises and consequences which then I acknowledged, every cloud has a silver lining. I think I can safely use ‘optimistic’ to describe what I’ve become now. Frankly, I now tend to have positive mind-set which often yields positive outcome (well at least most of them haha). I know being over-confident kills but self-confidence deserved to be nurtured in every one of us. I’ve been surrounded with people who have guts as high as Mount Everest to take risk and challenge in any decision they made.

                                          “If you never try, you'll never know.”

I know the quote may seem like an old chestnut let alone when it’s been the simplest yet a piece-of-cake advice ones can give but if you could take a deep dive into its meaning, it certainly can change someone’s world. Nobody wants to just stay in their own zone without taking any step further, cause it’s better to take a baby step than nothing.

That’s why I hope 2017 would at least be a stepping stone for all of us to achieve whatever goals we’ve set for this year, as I believe we all have learned something from the previous year, directly or vice versa.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Love, Rosie

Recently, I just finished reading Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern. This book was first published as Where Rainbows End but then it was adapted into movie entitled Love, Rosie. Some of you probably have already watched it but as usual, the book is way better than the movie. Oh here this guy again complaining about how book version is better than movie blah blah…

image source : google

I was actually not into love, romance book but I also couldn’t stand living my life just focusing on serious stuff, letting myself drown in black and white so I supposed this kind of book would help me relieved my stress to some extent, and surprisingly it worked. Love, Rosie has so many humors as I think I have to apologize for people surrounding for chuckling and then immediately pretended like nothing was going on. Don't judge but I think I started to keen on this kind of book material.

One of the unique traits about this book which I think distinguish it with other books (that I read) is how the writer presented the story-line. I love the idea of making the whole story only based on the letter and chat messenger that posted/sent between the characters and it then evolves the story-line. It sort of narrates about one's lifetimes. From how Rosie knew Alex and their childhood, and getting married part, divorced, have sons, daughter and.. oh wait as much as I hate spoiler I think I shouldn't be one for those who haven't read it yet. You're welcome.

This book basically a story about how best friends could change into lovers. Yes, very cliché yet it still happens around us. We do hear or read or being exposed with the myth of being best friends with different gender is not going to work as one of them (or perhaps both) will fall in love with another. I do respect with this perspective but I guess it doesn’t work on everyone?

“You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with, and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy.”

The hopes and dreams that you’ve set in the beginning sometimes don’t work like what they supposed to. That’s how the perfect life you expected and you planned turned into misery and everything turned upside down and ruined every single thing. And that’s how you know the only option left is just moving on.

I would like to recommend this book for those who seek for something light, witty and heart-warming read.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


These past weeks have been a really total mess up in my life. I’ve never got abundance of assignments which have to be submitted on the nail with quiz and test for every subject while finishing up the proposal for my final year project, preparing for my final exam at the same time. You can tell I’m really lack of sleep by looking at my eye bags and dark circle under my eyes. Frankly speaking, it’s a big lie if I say I don’t have that thought to give up studying and just stay at home watching my favourite tv shows but my desire to succeed beyond everything. Other than that, I’m sharing the same oxygen with people who keep telling me to never stop what I have started.

Enough with life-complaining session, I had my lovely intermission last two weeks attending my cousin’s wedding reception in Penang. ‘Last two weeks’ and only now I can make room for updating about this. The reception started at 8.30 pm but we had to come early for the rehearsal and stuff.

The reception started with the arrival of the parents of both sides to the ballroom followed by the groom and the bride accompanied by the soothing love song. I have to say that the song was matching so well led me to ask for the song title to the DJ but it might sound desperate and out to date so I’m sorry guys.

Abang amir was wearing black tuxedo with a bow tie while his wife had a very elegant, fascinate white gown on her body. She absolutely look stunning at that night. No doubt. 

Let’s talk about our favourite part. Yes, food. The menu for that night was quiet appetizing I tell you. I ate a lot as I didn’t have lunch in the afternoon. We were served with gado-gado, Madura Chicken Soto, spicy fried prawn, nasi minyak, dalca, sweet sour fish, rose chicken and last but not least the caramel cream. My vote definitely goes to the sweet sour fish. Nothing different but it just scrumptious.

Trust your eyes the table was obviously empty without food because it was the time when the reception hasn’t started yet. Nah, now tell me who wants to take photo of the foods when you can just enjoy having it? haha.

Kudos to the emcee for successfully handling the wedding reception which has now opened my eyes that a person with various talents yet still down to earth still exist in this world. My hat’s off to him for being able to being the emcee handling the whole event, he was the one who was praying the du’a which was really beautiful, he could sing multiple songs of different language, he could dance (well not bad) and he could even entertained the guests with his jokes.

The reception ended around 10.30 pm and we eventually had time to take for our family photos and making every corner in the ballroom like our house haha.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Public Speaking

Have you ever realized that life is too short to just be in your own comfort zone and not challenge yourself something you never tried before? 

I've come to realize these things recently so that’s probably the reason why I made this crazy decision to participate in public speaking competition. Trust me I didn't contemplate enough to join. I used to participate in choral speaking competition back then when I was still a school kid but you can't see the resemblance between these two things. Although it was just a public speaking competition which was organized for the English Carnival, but still the format is same. You get the tittle, build up your points and get ready to be killed on the stage. Did I mention it was an impromptu speech?

Fortunately, the number of the contestants was not like what I anticipated. Overall there were 20 contestants for the first round. After registered my name and got my turn number (which is number 6, and yes from 20 contestants, oh trust me I was not excited at all to come that early. The register time was really on time, it was the contestants who came and registered late. They were surely got the consensus to come late together).

For the first round, the title that became my food was “If I could rule the world”. Thank god the title was not that tough since the word ‘world’ itself doesn't limit on specific place or situation or even circumstance. So the first point that I gave was I want to wane the poverty all around the world. I highlighted about the importance of working hard no matter what job they do for living. The second point was the emphasis of education to everyone regardless the age, gender, where they come from and whatnot. My last point was the equality for the women. Means give the women their rights to develop this world together and at the same time give the opportunity for them to show what they have in order to make this world as a better place. Well, who is man without woman right?

The announcement of the contestants for the next round which is straight to the final round (and which only eight contestants qualified) didn't excite me at all. I guess I was done talking rubbish and embarrassing myself on the stage but surprisingly I made it to the final. I couldn't deny the pressure was a bit high and the competition became excitingly intense since the finalists were all great and amazing.

The title that I got for the final round was “Three Things that Scared Me”. Oh I think I can list down millions things that scared me with the firm reasons haha. My first point was how I scared if people put high expectation on me but ended up I disappoint them (this is really cliché but I guess it happened to everyone too). My second point was how I scared if I’m losing my loved ones. It was a bit emotional talking about this like you unconsciously imagined about your loved ones, left this world forever and what if the rest leave you too, before you. You just have no one else anymore. My last but not least point was thinking about future, everything about future; studies, marriage, country, and that’s just scary even when I write this. It’s pessimism.

Don’t waste your time guessing either I won or not because obviously I wasn't haha. The winners were undeniably amazing with their points, the elaborations, their facial expression, the way they talked and their self-confidence for sure. I have to say it was a great experience to expose myself to sometimes be a speaker instead of audience. Plus it was nice to make some new cool friends and learned how to get  self-confidence in various ways. Whatever it is, I still proud of myself for capable challenged myself doing something I never did before. Well, every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.