Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I take my friendships seriously so once people break my trust I’ll not going to look back. I just hate two-faced people, like seriously hate it. I can’t stand watching them treat me like an angel in front of me but act like a satan, or maybe worse than that, at my back.

It might sounds funny or nonsense or crazy to you but I do have a little respect for those people who talk bad about me in front of me than those people who talk bad at my back. And when I say a little, it’s really a little; little than money in your pocket.

However I don’t look this thing from one side. I mean in this life, whatever you do, regardless you like it or you hate it to the moon and back, there’s must at least one or two benefits you can get to your own self. In this situation, I realized that these fake people actually give some advantages to me.

As I am so good at being food commentator, I am actually also have this secret talent at being good at judging a person’s acting, especially when they lie. I don’t know if it’s only me but looking at how they manage to keep that facial expression straight to me, which really different when they’re at my back really impressed me. Too bad, it’s still lying. So it’s a nope from me (simon cowell’s voice).

Everyone knows you can’t run from living in stress and frustration once you step your feet into a college life. That’s why I decided to take these people to be my clowns as my daily entertainment, watching them acting akasia in front of me. Well who’s crueller now?

It’s not hard to pretend like you don’t give a fuck about something but for sure you’ll overthink it later. Everyone overthinks at something they try to ignore and forget and that’s how people build their own depression.

I don’t need fake people in my life as it disgusts me a lot to share the same oxygen with them. If you still want to breathe, go make your own fake oxygen.

7 billion people 14 billion faces.


  1. Sometimes people being good in front of you as in sebab nak jaga hati. Tapi bila dah mengata belakang tu bukan jaga hati, menyakitkan hati ada la. -.-"

    But we're humans. So paham-paham je la. Haha

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