Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Feel like it’s been a while since I don’t attend a big wedding ceremony like this. My cousin, Nabila Shazwani is finally hitched to her boyfriend, Shiekh Muhammad Aiman. They had known each other a long time since they were in the same primary school and who knows in 2015 they finally got married to each other. Allah’s plan is always better and more beautiful than everything else in this world. Sometimes you always chase someone who is miles away from you but you utterly unconscious about someone who is devotedly waiting for you right beside you.

Kak Nabila's wedding reception happened on Saturday at Banquet Hall, UPM. I had the best time being surrounded by the big family. The wedding started at 11am and everyone look so beautiful and looking good in the blue suit.

Really love all dishes on that day!

I was helping arrange/hand out the door gifts to all guests

As I was arrange some of the door gifts on the table, I spotted someone who look so familiar walking in the hall. I might look so weird for staring at a guy for minutes but yes it was really Hairul Azreen. The one who proposed Hanis Zalikha few months ago but too bad he didn’t bring her along, haha.

It's so cool to have this badge that shows relationship between you and the bride

Who can't say nooo to photo booth

Btw here's the video of the solemnization of Abang Aiman and Kak Nabila.



  1. Congrats and Selamat Pengantin Baru to your cousin. Very beautiful wedding ceremony, and very nice blue suits. I love it!

    Btw, where's the picture of Hairul Azreen? Haha

    1. Haha tak sempat! Was busy helping and stuff tengok-tengok dah balik

  2. Wow! Exclusive and Glamorous Wedding! Nice and cool.....

    1. yup. the decorations are all beautiful and splendid