Sunday, November 15, 2015


These past weeks have been a really total mess up in my life. I’ve never got abundance of assignments which have to be submitted on the nail with quiz and test for every subject while finishing up the proposal for my final year project, preparing for my final exam at the same time. You can tell I’m really lack of sleep by looking at my eye bags and dark circle under my eyes. Frankly speaking, it’s a big lie if I say I don’t have that thought to give up studying and just stay at home watching my favourite tv shows but my desire to succeed beyond everything. Other than that, I’m sharing the same oxygen with people who keep telling me to never stop what I have started.

Enough with life-complaining session, I had my lovely intermission last two weeks attending my cousin’s wedding reception in Penang. ‘Last two weeks’ and only now I can make room for updating about this. The reception started at 8.30 pm but we had to come early for the rehearsal and stuff.

The reception started with the arrival of the parents of both sides to the ballroom followed by the groom and the bride accompanied by the soothing love song. I have to say that the song was matching so well led me to ask for the song title to the DJ but it might sound desperate and out to date so I’m sorry guys.

Abang amir was wearing black tuxedo with a bow tie while his wife had a very elegant, fascinate white gown on her body. She absolutely look stunning at that night. No doubt. 

Let’s talk about our favourite part. Yes, food. The menu for that night was quiet appetizing I tell you. I ate a lot as I didn’t have lunch in the afternoon. We were served with gado-gado, Madura Chicken Soto, spicy fried prawn, nasi minyak, dalca, sweet sour fish, rose chicken and last but not least the caramel cream. My vote definitely goes to the sweet sour fish. Nothing different but it just scrumptious.

Trust your eyes the table was obviously empty without food because it was the time when the reception hasn’t started yet. Nah, now tell me who wants to take photo of the foods when you can just enjoy having it? haha.

Kudos to the emcee for successfully handling the wedding reception which has now opened my eyes that a person with various talents yet still down to earth still exist in this world. My hat’s off to him for being able to being the emcee handling the whole event, he was the one who was praying the du’a which was really beautiful, he could sing multiple songs of different language, he could dance (well not bad) and he could even entertained the guests with his jokes.

The reception ended around 10.30 pm and we eventually had time to take for our family photos and making every corner in the ballroom like our house haha.

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