Monday, August 4, 2014

Eid Mubarak Part 1

To be honest this Aidilfitri was not much exciting like before. Age is probably one of the factors why raya is getting less exciting to most people including me as we’re getting older so we just give the excitement to young people out there  I don’t know. However I started to realize that raya is not (just) about collecting duit raya or playing mercun or eating non-stop or taking raya selfie to show off your ootd but it’s more to spending time with your loved ones.

It’s actually weird how I start to think that not getting duit raya as not a big deal because at the end of the day time is worth than everything. I’m so glad I still can spend my time with my whole family. I don’t know why but as I grew up family is always number one in everything. They’re the ones who actually stand behind me so it makes me appreciate my family more and more. So here’s a flying kiss to my family!

Back to hari raya, one thing I love about preparations of hari raya is baking cake. I don’t know why but I love baking (it’s peculiar for a guy like me but who cares). Besides I become addicted to the smell of cake when it’s been baked.

So everytime my mom decided to bake a cake I’ll definitely being her assistant; beat butter and caster sugar, eggs and vanilla essence, mixed the cocoa powder, spoon the mixtures into the pan, baked it in the oven (so yeah basically I was the one who actually made it)

Listening to takbir raya made me feel so calm and emotional at the same time. It will always be the saddest part of the moment. As takbir raya went through my ears, I felt a sense of warmth and happiness. It was like a blend of emotions that is just too strong to explain.

to be continued..

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