Sunday, June 15, 2014


Life can be so funny sometimes. A week before my birthday I lost my one and only cat. The only cat I guess understood me so well rather than human (excluding my mom). I’ve never feel so sad like this of my lost cats before but Miju’s death says something about it. I feel like I lost something precious in my life, maybe more than that—it’s like a part of me lost due to his death.

I can say that Miju’s appearance brought a lot of happiness to this house because me as the youngest one in my family is not a kid anymore (I hope) and only bring so much annoyingness to this house. As we moved in here, Miju is the only friend I got here. I’m not that kind of person who easily make new friend at a new place so it’s kinda hard for me to fit in. It sounds nonsense but somehow I felt like he’s my youngest brother. I admit I treat him like a person; i talked to him, fought with him and did prank to him, all because I love him.

Whenever I went back home during weekends, he always seems like waiting for me in front of the door and made me fed him, fondle him. He accompanied my mom whenever she was left alone at home and I felt save every time I was home alone.

But now he’s gone. He’s gone forever.

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