Thursday, March 20, 2014


18th of March and it was the first day of the 8th convocation at PTSS. I swear looking at those seniors wearing their jubah made me go a lil bit excited (no actually i'm insanely excited) to wait for my big day. I can't wait to make my parents proud of me as I'm complaining too much about my studies to my parents even though I'm still in my second semester here. Yes please laugh.

I can say that it's quite hard to survive in diploma because most students are SPM leavers which means they're from school and they're still try to fit in in this college environment. Quiz, test, presentation and final exam.

What's the funniest thing about diploma is you studied hard, not enough sleep, memorized this, memorized that, full class for the whole day, homesick *cough* and after you graduate people will be like

"There's nothing to do with diploma nowadays, even degree doesn't guarantee you a job."

So what's the point of the existence of the diploma if its not worth your sacrifice in studies and you don't get anything from it. At least you should give some moral supports and motivations. I mean more in a good way.

Yes it's really true that there's nothing to do with the diploma nowadays, same goes to degree. But after 3 to 4 years they survived in diploma, you shouldn't destroy their happiness by saying such things, seriously. Plus, there's no way to further studies straight to Phd if you don't go through the diploma first.

Whatever it is, I'm still scared if I couldn't make it for my diploma because it's quite tough and guess, I don't like the course I'm taking.

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