Monday, February 10, 2014


Last week I went to the supermarket nearby my house. It’s not the famous supermarket so yeah who cares. I went there just to accompany my mom bought some groceries yang memang it took a couple of hours padahal she already wrote all things that she wanted to buy on a small paper but you know, mom.

So after chose and picked all things in the supermarket we straight to the counter and the cashier there was a young lady around 22 to 25. What made me shocked was how she put all stuff into the plastic bags. I mean how she can just throw them into the plastic bags like “hello cik akak kau ingat ni permainan lempar-lempar barang masuk dalam plastic bag ke macam mana?”

Actually I have been through these situations like so many times cumanya sekarang baru nak speak out everything. Same goes to the places that have customer services. I wonder why most of them are being so hard to smile and some are being so rude macam tanya sikit nak melenting. Eh kalau nak melenting baik kerja jaga kandang harimau.

I don’t know if we Malaysians memang jenis macam panas baran sikit maybe influenced by the weather here yang cuacanya ibarat duduk dalam microwave.

It’s not a sin to smile at other people tambah-tambah lagi if you’re working at the section where needs you to smile and meet many people. Just in case you’re having a bad mood, try to control it by force yourself to..… smile and still show your manners at the same time. Yeah that’s the only way how to avoid you from getting fired. Haha just kidding.

No one knows how a smile can change someone’s mood. It’s like whenever you smile, you send positive vibes to other people and they smile back to you and to other people and it repeats and everyone gets the positive vibes don’t you think it’s cool.

So girls if there’re dudes smiling at you, no need to kecoh. It’s not flirt, unless it comes with the asking-your-phone-number package.

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