Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I can’t deny the fact that life as a college student really makes you stress and sometimes you feel like you just wanna give up on everything. Assignment, quiz and test sometimes are being your breakfast, lunch and dinner and I still try to get used with that. Problems are like dessert to make your life messier.

However to be honest I can’t deal with this one kind of shit that comes and try to ruin my life here.


Before you get me wrong, let me tell you I don't hate or avoiding being friend with people who are smoking. No. But seriously have you ever thought about non-smokers around you whenever you smoke on this earth?

Maybe you’ll be like “alaa aku hisap rokok ni bukan aku hembus asap rokok ni kat muka kau pun”

Yes that smoke from your mouth and nose and from that stupid cigarettes was breathe out and fly back to your lubang hidung. Not mine, not people around you.

Not saying you’re not educated (or I can simply say ‘stupid’) but I guess you already knew that people around a smoker manage to get cancer lungs, heart etc.  more than a smoker himself. But why still bother to smoke around non-smokers?

Come on please please please respect people who don’t smoking.  At least show to people you still have brain instead of showing to people you have invincible lungs. Thanks.

Oh btw I’m not a smoker because I’m not that kind of people who do bad to their body.

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