Sunday, April 15, 2018

Late Night Thought

I think a part of growing up is realizing that you’re not someone’s priority despite of all the sacrifices you make to give them moon and stars. It seems bearable to hold the hurt in the beginning, having the positive thought of good things take time and give them time for it, when in reality, time could break heart into small pieces, and ironically, they still unaware of it.

If time could make someone acknowledge something that they don’t, then why there are still thousands of people out there who are suffering of being ignored, rejected or even left?

Never put the blame on someone who cares for you, cares about all the littlest things about you. 7 billion people in this world and who has the idea that there will be that one person who devotedly waiting for you. That one person who always shows how it’s not impossible to show love in distinct ways.

Let it be a simple “take care” or “buckle up” or “have you had your dinner?” or “how’s your day?” or “ring me if you’ve reached there” or even “you look good today”, each one of it apparently sounds different but the concern and the affection which well-blended with the question/compliment are tragically unnoticed by most people.

Sigh. There's no point of pointing this out. You still don't get it.


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